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Sidewider XL By Island X Lures

Sidewider XL By Island X Lures

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  The Sidewinder XL is the larger version of the original sidewinder but with single wire construction and a floating option available.  With the floating (1.75 oz) option, you can work this spook style plug slowly across the surface of the water.  An extended pause will allow the rear of the lure to slip slightly under the surface while the nose of the lure remains out of the water.  With the suspending (2 oz) option, the sidewinder will slowly slip under the surface allowing for a slow controlled retrieve.  Add twitches and pauses in the retrieve to work the sidewinder like a stick bait.   Faster retrieves can keep the suspending option right near the surface for big topwater hits.   

Floating 1.75 oz 6 inch

Sinking 2oz 6 inch 

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